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the End

Sorry this Website will be closed (with the end of the prepaid hosting at the end of 2015). The reason:
First there are two websites of this EAA-chapter: this one and


is the other. A “little” smaller and slower, but at no costs to host.
Please use the other adress in the future . The new webadress is without www! You can reach our actual website also via the big website


(go to chapters – find Texas – find chapter# 972)

Our new website contains the basic contact info info to our chapter and also our events (as the nearly regular/monthly) RWY-Gumbo or pancake breakfast. The famous as large autum-Fly-in “Reklaw” had also a website. But it seems that it is given away to others. Anyway, you will find info about the Reklaw-Fly-in in Google, Youtube and Facebook.

a year ago, I had a stroke and cannot maintain these pages anymore. My life is now a “little” reduced. This way I must give up this webpage and also flying and also my project. That was the restoration of an Alon-Aircoupe. The project is nearly ready. Missing is only the FAA-registration and you had to screw in the battery, the seats, the interor and the panel! All parts are complete & ready. But now the plane is going to trade-a-plane or to barnstormers.com. In a month or so, you will find the plane there.

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Our Chapter is apologizing for the non-cooperation with the weather gods.
For this Saturday there is a lack of VMC predicted.
Please mark Apr-26 for the next RWY-Gumbo,


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RWY Gumbo #1

…. happens this Saturday!

contact Robert Caldwell 903 – 76 969 76
or better: just come along, best with friends

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Chapter 972 membership

Just a note to express my hopes that you all have a happy holiday season and hit the ground (or air) on the run in 2014. A hearty thank you to all the folks that attended the Christmas party last week and contributed lots of good food…. it was a fun time, as usual, made even more so be the atmosphere inside Hanger One. A special thanks to Melinda McClure for riding point on the affair, and to Bill Vawter for his valuable assistance. Thanks, also, to Steve Dean and Aneita Henry for hosting us once again in the Hanger One “sanctuary”.

I look forward to another year as your president and will strive to hold up the proud tradition of the “Piney Woods Chapter”. See you all next year.

Robert Caldwell

Stinson driver & Pietenpol builder
(can’t get enough of either)

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YE-Flights Cancelled

the YE-Flights for this weekend are cancelled.
The expected weather will be much too bad for enjoyable flights.
Even more important: the weather will be much too bad for safe flights.
The possibility of freezing drizzle / rain is a NoNo.

After considering Al Gore’s global warming causing the expected freezing rain theory, Bill Vawter have considered that the prudent thing is to cancel the event at Holly Lake Saturday, 12/7.


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RWY-Gumbo Cancelled

Due to pending inclement weather on Saturday (Nov-23 @ 07F) the EAA Chapter 972 Runway Gumbo Lunch is cancelled.


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Reklaw Aftermath

The 972 gang once again cooked up and served a great breakfast at Reklaw last Saturday morning after overcoming the many adversities that seem to crop up when this once-a-year event rolls around. But adversity aside… we all had a good time and enjoyed fine weather Friday and Saturday. The enclosed picture is of the gang after completing the task and cleaning up. I think Steve Garrett, Gene Humphrey and Elo Zinke are the only cooks/servers not captured in the photo. Other 972’ers at the event were Peter Foox and Winn King, and, of course, Dave and Marcia Mason the hosts (forgive me if I missed anyone). Pictured in the photo are, left to right: Robert Caldwell and grandson Dillon, Arnold Phillips, Bo Leary, Kelly Smith, Gayla Leary, Gregg Dohrer, Bart and Sharlene Robinett, Melinda and Garnet McClure, and Harold Craig. Well done to all these intrepid members.

EAA972 crew @ Reklaw 2013

Click on the picture to get the full size & resolution.

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Diet on Friday

because there is the Runway-Gumbo Saturday!

contact Robert Caldwell 903 – 76 969 76

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Dont’t Buy This

Here you see Garmins new Head-Up-Display (HUD). Of course you can buy it, – for a MSRP of only $150. And if you are owning a PA18 and someone is asking you “what’s the different between your PA18 and a F18 ?”, you can answer “There maybe some differences, but it’s NOT the HUD”.

Now seriously: this HUD is for streetuse and it is only showing some basic numbers and symbols, not a colored map. The brightness is selfadjusting and the HUD-unit is receiving the information via Bluetooth from smartphones with the fitting apps. Look to the Garmin-websites. OK, at this time it is not for planes, – but how long it will take for another reason spendig some money for your plane?

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Gone West

August 22, 2013 – EAA Founder Paul Poberezny passed away in the morning of August-22 at Evergreen Retirement Village in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, after a battle with cancer. He was 91.

The Poberezny family has expressed the following: “We deeply appreciate all the support shown to Paul and Audrey over the past five months. As Paul often said, he considers himself a millionaire because through aviation he made a million friends. He leaves an unmatched legacy in aviation and can be best remembered by all the people who discovered aviation through his inspiration to create EAA. We also thank you for respecting our family’s privacy during this time.”


Paul had only two motivations in life. Airplanes and people. Driven by a passion for aviation he was also blessed with a compassion for people. “One must have vision, not only to the future of aviation, but vision to see what our fellow humans can and will do to overcome present-day problems. I have always felt that all progress must be accomplished by human beings. A person might just be an enthusiast today, but tomorrow could become a homebuilder, ‘antiquer,’ or contribute in some other part of our world. To exclude any talent would not be in the best interest of aviation.”

Paul’s influence in aviation can be seen today at every airport in the world. The use of composite building materials and computerized glass panels in general aviation all came out of the proving ground of the homebuilt movement. From the simplest of wood and canvas single-engine aircraft, to the men and women who labor tirelessly to keep warbirds and antiques in airworthy status, to the impressive Burt Rutan designed aircraft such as Voyager or SpaceShipOne, Paul has had a hand in inspiring all aspects of the world of flight.

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Corben Baby Ace For Sale

Our Chapter received this letter:

I am Mike Magee. My father was Melvin Magee from Wolfe City. I am sending this email to let people know that I am selling my father’s Corben Baby Ace. When my father passed away I was stationed in Germany. Several people contacted me wanting to buy his Baby Ace. After Germany, I made several military moves and I don’t have all the names and phone numbers of those that were interested. So please spread the word through your EAA Chapter. People can call me at 405-209-6430 and they can also check out pictures at the Craig’s List ad at this link…..


Couldn’t sell it at the time, because I wanted his grandchildren to have a chance to see it and see a piece of their grandfather’s art. But…. it is for sale now. Some details….

Corben Baby Ace, finished in 1976. Experimental homebuilt. Metal tube and fabric. Tail wheel. Single seat, open cockpit, low hours. Continental 65 hp manual start, starts easily. Needs recovering and the engine should be overhauled, not because of a lot of hours (it actually has very few hours on it), but because it has not been flown in several years. No radios and no navigation lights. Has disk brakes. Always hangered. Located in Greenville, TX. Will take the best offer above $8,500.

Thanks, Mike

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The Last RWY-Gumbo … (next after this summer)

EAA Chapter 972 Runway Gumbo Lunch
Gladewater Muni (07F)
Saturday, June 22, 2013
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Fly-in or drive-in for some great gumbo made by the Chapter 972 chefs who love to pretend to be as cajun as… well, you fill in the blank.
Just show up and be surprised at the authenticity.
This is your last chance for great Gumbo until September, as the 972 gang takes the summer off for AirVenture in July and cooler activities in August.

Robert Caldwell 903-769-9676, caldwr1@etex.net

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Next …

The next RWY-Gumbo is coming soon:

Saturday, May 25, Gladewater Municipal Airport,
Young Eagle Flights starting around 8 AM,
followed by EAA Chapter 972 Runway Gumbo
Lunch 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Best Gumbo within 5 miles (or maybe more) of 07F!

Let’s have all the 972’ers out in force for this one… gotta be good weather, for a change!

Fly-in or drive-in for some great gumbo made by the Chapter 972 chefs who love to pretend to be as cajun as… well, you fill in the blank. Just show up and be surprised at the authenticity. Might even be some East Texas gator in there from the Sabine that meanders just northeast of the airport…. ya never know… well anyway, it tastes like chicken.

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This Weekend

EAA Chapter 972 members are preparing and serving
a Runway Gumbo Lunch, w/fix-ins and liquid.

Join the gang of Chapter 972 at Gladewater Municipal Airport (07F) for the tastiest Gumbo in East Texas. Fly or drive in and enjoy good food and a some great hanger flying. We serve starting at 11:00 am… rain or shine.
In addition, Young Eagle flights are happening at 9:00 am, so if you have know of a child between 8 and 17 years of age, bring them out for the thrill of a lifetime… a complimentary airplane ride.
See ya there!
Robert Caldwell
EAA Chapter 972
903-769-6976 or caldwrl@etex.net

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Next Event

… is not eating, but working, Jerry reminds:

EAA Chapter 972 has a work day scheduled for this Saturday, 1/26, to refinish and repair our picnic tables under the pavillion we built this past year. The stain we are going to use has an application temperature range of 50 to 85 degrees. The temperature for this coming Saturday is suppose to be 57 to 49 with a good chance of rain or mist in the morning.
We are going to post pone this work day until we get some warmer temperatures. Stay tuned for a new work day date. Thanks you.


Jerry Gardner

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It Happens Never Again ( … in 2012)

EAA Chapter 972 members are preparing and serving
a Runway Gumbo Lunch, w/fix-ins and liquid,
Saturday, Nov-24 from 1100 to 1300 .

Come on down-up-over and chomp. Land, take a short walk and eat.
Donations welcome. Just in case you want donate a dead racoon or a flat cat found near the RWY, … please deliver it a day before. So we we can add it to the gumbo!
Chatter and lies welcome and expected.
Contact: Robert Caldwell 903-769-9676, caldwrl@etex.net

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Remember The Gumbo

Contact: Robert Caldwell @ 903-769-6976

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Fuel @ Gladewater (07F)

There is a new fuel system at Gladewater 07f. In the past we have had a private card to operate the fuel pump. That has all been changed. Charlie Mouton has put in a credit card system that anyone can operate and fuel their airplane.
Now pilots on cross country flights can stop and buy fuel with out having to hunt for someone on the field to sell them fuel. Just follow the easy instruction and it works fine. By the way, AvGas is $4.60 a gallon. By the way, auto fuel is available also.
For a read out of local avgas prices, click on the following from AirNav.

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In 2012 …

we hopefully have a lot of pleasure while flying. And
we hopefully have not a single accident!

For safe flights it is maybe helpfull, reading about accidents happenend in the past. Here is a link which is showing a lot of past aircraft-accidents.


(click on the picture to go there!) gives you an interactive map with the pinpoints of your selected accidents. You can move and scale the map as you like. Also select the accident types. They are sorted by

  • AC-types (more than hundred different types),
  • Years (starting in 2003) ,
  • reasons (takeoff, landings, fuel management,VFR-into IMC and stall/spin)

By clicking to a pin, you can find this special NTSB-report.
Also a lot of safety-advises are available on this AOPA webpage.
Maybe it helps a little avoiding accidents !

Have a joyfull AND safe 2012

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Dreaming YE …

… dreaming about a multiengine rating or flying IFR or commercial or upgrading to an ATPL ?

You can download this image in a bigger size (3000 x 2000 pixel) as wallpaper
by clicking here or by visiting our files in the download-area.

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