Bassinets and Airlines

On long haul flights most airlines will provide Bassinets providing for by infants under the age of 2 years with the condition that the infant does not way more than 10kg and under 6 months of age. If a bassinet is not available or required the infant aged 2 years or under may sit on the parent’s lap or have a seat allocated to them at 10% of the adult fare. The cabin crew will install bassinets only after take-off. Parents assume sole responsibility for infants using bassinet facilities


Bassinets are available on board for infants; however it is advisable to call your airline to make the necessary reservations at least 48 hours before boarding, as your infant’s height and/or weight may make bassinets unusable for them from a safety and comfort standpoint. A limited number of bassinets are provided on some of our domestic aircraft The cabin crew will provide you with a specific safety briefing to ensure you understand special requirements for young travellers. Please also note that international safety and hygiene regulations do not allow Cabin Crew to feed children, administer medication, take children to the toilet, and change nappies. For safety reasons an adult can hold only one infant and children under the age of 15 may not hold infants.


Don’t forget to re-book your bassinet when changing your flight. Please remember that for safety considerations, each and every time the seat belt sign is switched ‘on’ during the flight you will be required to remove your infant from the bassinet as this once again is a safety requirement. Up to 2 years, free bassinets are provided on 747s, 757s or D710s (mostly international flights). For international flights, request a bassinet, which fastens to bulkhead. If you use the bassinet you will have to hold the baby during take-off, landing and any turbulence during the flight. If you wish to obtain seating with access to a bassinet, contact your airline to determine availability on your flight. If your flight has bassinets available then book your trip early, specify your bassinet preference and get your seating assignment as soon as possible.

If you are facing the prospect of a long flight with an infant, then you might find that having a bassinet is worth its weight in gold.

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